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Main features of Gongming Automation

High Speed Double Welding Station Mask Machine
This High Speed Double Welding Station Mask Machine line is a high speed fully automatic 1+1 double welding station mask machine, one body machine drives one ear loop welding machine. The earloop machine with two welding station, it can greatly improve the efficiency of welding.After the main body machine outputs the mask body, the mask body sheet is conveyed to the mask plate by the conveyor belt, and then the mask piece is conveyed to the ear loop welding machine through the plate.The welding machine then finish the the ear loop welding by ultrasonic And then complete mask come out.
This High Speed Double Welding Station Mask Machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, servo motor turning, precise transmission, stable control and adjustable speed.
Features of High Speed Double Welding Station Mask Machine:
1. High stability, low failure rate, beautiful appearance without rust;
2. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;
3. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
4.The speed is 150 tablets per minute, high efficiency and strong attraction。

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