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  • On March 22, 2021, our company delivered an automatic soldering machine with the model number 5331 to the customer in South Korea. Thanks for the support and recognition of the old customer in South Korea. This soldering machine has been highly praised by our customer.


  • The rapid development of the electronic industry has virtually promoted the development of those automation industries, among which the automatic dispensing machine is a representative equipment in the automation industry, and in recent years, the automatic dispensing machine has been widely used in the photoelectric, automobile manufacturing and other industries.Many enterprises need to use this equipment after solving the confusion of automatic dispensing machine factory and the introduction of the equipment, in the later phase will be faced with the problem of automatic dispensing machine cleaning, so what are the main cleaning methods of automatic dispensing machine?


  • Each high-speed mask machine (1 + 1) need to meet certain standards to have the corresponding protection, to meet the strict standards, in addition to the face mask machine production materials need to be selective, to pick the mask machine quality is the key, let workers inscription automation relate what meaning is that of a standard letter, need to pay attention to what the mask production.


  • At present, with the continuous expansion of the mask market demand, more and more mask machine manufacturers in China, the process of mechanical automation has been continuously developed and become more and more mature, providing high quality, high efficiency, high stability products for the automatic production of machinery.


  • At the same time, I learned how to adjust the soldering machine, which can improve our work efficiency and learn a maintenance technique. As a professional China automatic soldering machines manufacturers and China automatic soldering machine suppliers, Welcome to our company to purchase.


  • This High Speed Double Welding Station Mask Machine line is a high speed fully automatic 1+1 double welding station mask machine, one body machine drives one ear loop welding machine. The earloop machine with two welding station, it can greatly improve the efficiency of welding.